Hyperlist: Article in Mexican magazine

Hyperlist (formerly known as WOIM) is featured in a Mexican magazine. I don’t know spanish, but my good friend David Mondragón Tapia assures me it’s a cool presentation of the uniques system capable of representing anything in simple text.

Perhaps time to consider a Wikipedia entry of HyperList.

14 thoughts on “Hyperlist: Article in Mexican magazine

  1. Hi Geir! Your friend Mondradon didn’t lie at all. I understand Spanish very well, cause it’s a Latin language like my native Romanian, so I can assure you that the article is honouring both you and Egil. I’m not so sure if the Mexican editor described WOIM the way you and Egil pointed, but the article is definitely positive 🙂

  2. Of course it should be a Wikipedia article!

    I admittedly don’t know a thing about the ins and outs of making that happen, but I can easily imagine that it would help the system catch on more and more. 🙂

    1. Totally agreed about the name, Rafael. And Geir himself obviously does too since he already officially changed it to HyperList as of a few months ago.

      But now that you mention it, it is strange that this magazine used the former name which is now “stale data”. I’ll hazard a guess and say that the article has perhaps been awaiting publication for some time. Just a stab in the dark, for sure, but I’ve heard that kind of thing can happen.

      1. marildi, David Mondragón Tapia, used the old terminology for this tool but at least it was published, so we could expect a better job in the near future. I hope to have more news from David Mondragón Tapia very soon.

        1. Actually, even the WOIM link given will go to the HyperList article, and that is probably the main thing. It’s all good. 😉

      2. Hi Marildi! You’re absolutely right… it took too much time to release the article… Next time will be better… Hyperlist is better than WOIM… Greetings from Mexico City. DMT

        1. Greetings to you, David! And thanks for the confirmation of what happened.

          You are so right that HyperList was a definite improvement but even with my limited understanding of Spanish, I could see from the article that it included the basic concept, that one can represent actions, states, processes – anything.

          Thinking about it again reminds me of something I thought about not long ago and forgot to tell Geir. So now I’ll tell you both.

          As you know, the HyperList slogan is “Everything. Concise and precise.” Well, one day I noticed the word “conciseness” and saw that it’s “concISENEss”. 😉

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