Geir plays Mussorgsky

After having gotten back into my passion of creating music, I decided to create a new arrangement of Mussorgsky‘s masterpiece “Pictures at an Exhibition”.

Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky, 1870

I started with the part called “The old castle” and created something I find attractive.


Created a video of my arrangement complete with my artwork:

If you have ideas for my new YouTube channel, please post your request.

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14 thoughts on “Geir plays Mussorgsky

  1. That is a lovely piece to listen to. And that’s in spite of the fact that I’ve never really been exposed to classical music. There is precious little of it I’ve ever learned to appreciate, although I know there are people who have instinctively done so at their first introduction. It may be that they brought the appreciation with them this lifetime. Or it may be a matter of having a particular aesthetic sensitivity. A difference in beings, perhaps?

    You have me wondering if you’ve studied music theory or any instrument. In fact, I don’t even know if an ability to play an instrument (like a keyboard, maybe) is required for these computer compositions you’ve created.

    1. One needs to know the basics. Then there is the curiosity that will drive the work needed to understand how to put music together. Then there is patience and above all, pure fun.

      1. Wow, that tells me you are as much a musician and a composer as any other. The instruments you use just happen to be the latest ones invented – computerized. And I would imagine that your interest and knowledge of computers has played a helpful role too.

        Now how about some jazz, blues or country music some time? 😀

        1. Oh… that would require some interest in that type of music on my part. Would have to work up some such.

          In the meantime; working on a youtube channel. Maybe even some video blogging… whaddoyouthik?

          1. Video blogging! OMG, why didn’t we think of that long ago!

            You know, even though I myself love to read, I often prefer to watch and listen to a person speak, if I have the choice. It’s a “fuller” experience, more dimensions to it. Really like a different art form. And you perceive the being.

            How about a trial run – like today! 😀

          2. p.s. How great it would be for you to supplement your various articles with a video talk!

  2. Classically beautiful. Just when needed to sooth, after days of intense computer activities. Ah, relaxed now. Will listen once more. You really have a gift for creativity.

  3. The first part which you call ‘the old castle’ is in fact the recurring theme played (in a number of different versions) while one goes from one picture to the next.

    1. Well, I liked it. I was also about to create a much wilder Tomita-like version… but now I got sidetracked (see new post – another coming soon)

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