Renaissance of Midnight Magic and SpaceSynth

From 1987 till 1990, Stein Halvorsen and I ran the legendary Norwegian weekly radio show “Midnight Magic”. Interactive radio featuring role-playing on the air. After 22 years off the air, we did a comeback just before X-Mas on Pål Hverven‘s radio show “Magic Beat“.

Pål was a big fan of Midnight Magic – both the role-playing and the music we played on the show – Italo Disco, Depeche Mode, SpaceSynth as well as the regular crop of hits. Five years ago, Pål started his own music radio show – the Magic Beat where he mostly plays SpacSynth. An oasis among the run-of-the-mill airings.

SpaceSynth, greatly inspired by Jean Michel Jarre and similar artists, was born in the mid-80’s and served by Koto, Laserdance and their ilk. Around the start of our show, Koto came out with one of my old-time favorites, Dragon’s Legend:

During our comeback a month ago, I rediscovered SpaceSynth – and much to my delight, I discovered that there has been a renaissance of the genre. Lots of new artists such as Galaxion and Resource X had entered the scene – and the scene is more active than ever. And so I have spent the past few weeks listening to tracks like this:


and this:

and even Laserdance is delivering new music:

It’s a Renaissance! Oh Joy!

And without further ado, here’s the Midnight Magic comeback:

Midnight Magic comeback 21st December 2012.

You can also get it streamed from Radio Nova (click on the program dated 21.12.2012). I am sure the world didn’t go under because everyone was anticipating our comeback.

It may mark the start of a renaissance for our program. We’ll see if Pål can come up with some time slots for Midnight Magic. If it happens, I will let the readers of this blog know. Perhaps we can do a couple of programs in English as well.

19 thoughts on “Renaissance of Midnight Magic and SpaceSynth

  1. The idea of the comeback of the show is excellent! With the music it will be a
    sure success! Liked the way you talked on air – though I didn’t understand a word of it, I hear that it is very high-toned, energetic and playful which will perfectly match the spirit of this game. Push that guy a little so that you can start it in the near future! Of course in English too! If it happens so, I will tell
    my students, both kids and adults to play. My postulate is on it too! P.S. Love this music. New to me, from now on among my favourites! Thanks for putting
    it here!

  2. I like the Galaxion one best – it really has a BEAT.

    As for doing English programs, you better! 🙂

  3. Bravo, Geir! Especially the first one…Everything who sounds like ’80’s come directly to my heart. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Geir
    Thank you for the Dragon’s Legend, it is fun to watch and reminded me of parts of life I haven’t been in touch with for some time…I started to search on the net, there is a lot of cool stuff.

  5. Dragon’s Lair (or legend) reminds me of life on earth, and what a nice ending.

  6. After the neat Dragon … what a nice selection and journey, wonderful!.
    Thanks for such beautiful music 🙂 wishing you the best in your endeavor.

    Side note: I have several old tapes from Lillaskog Productions, Vinslov, Sweden. One called The Wheel of life, which has a picture of a dragon on it with one called “Dance of the Dragon” with electronic sound and words spoken, 1980. They were a member of WISE at that time. Familiar?

      1. Actually tape make in ’82. I had CD’s made for private use. Music: Runeson, Lyrics: David Findlay, in English. Sorry to say I don’t know how to make a snippet and no one to help right now. I could send you a CD should you wish, with copies of a booklet which include copies of letters, one from Diana and the lyrics for clarity. Jazzy electronic music for those days, but still like it.

  7. Norse Mythology & Legends.

    Norse mythology comes from the northernmost part of Europe, Scandinavia: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland.

    • Trolls:
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    • Thor:
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    • Legendary ♥ love ♥ story:
    Geir Isene & Anette.

    • Midnight Magic:
    Legendary Norwegian weekly radio show.

    1. More Norse Mythology & Legends.

      • Fimbulvetr (Fimbulwinter in English):
      The immediate prelude to the events of Ragnarök.

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      • Renaissance of Midnight Magic:
      It came back on 21st December 2012, the day the world ended.
      (Thanks, Maria 2013-02-04 at 22:57)

  8. Love the music genre. And I love the sense of humor too:

    Midnight Magic comeback 21st December 2012.

    It came back on the day the world ended!!

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