Other stuff

Here you will find the various items that doesn’t fit anywhere else on this site..

My tools

I use Linux (Ubuntu GNU/Linux) on my laptop with i3 as the window manager and conky as the systems monitor/information presenter. I write almost everything in VIM, and I use Mutt as mail client and weechat as the chat client (over ssh to one of my virtual servers over at DigitalOcean). Qutebrowser is my favorite browser. My programming languages of choice are Ruby and Raven (except programming the HP-41 in FOCAL, synthetics or Mcode of course 🙂 )

Odd tech stuff

Here are some programs that didn’t get a suitable mention on any other page here. They are freely distributed under the GPL lisence:

mailfetch (click the link for the Github page) – a system for for retrieving mail from different remote imap accounts, filtering the mail according to the rules you set up, and storing the mail into local imap folders.

imaptools (click the link to for the Github page). imap_tools consists of three programs: imap_search, imap_filter and imap_rename. All programs run from your PC against your imap server. No need to install any server side software. imap_filter provides a way to write easy filter rules. Written in Ruby.

htmlconvert (click the link to download) is a ruby script that converts url’s to plain text, postscript, latex or pdf documents. It is for use under Linux.

subst is a ruby script for renaming files under Linux. It is an alternative to the perl-script “rename” except that it also matches files by a regexp.

insult is a ruby-port of Kyrre Begnum’s cute little Shakespare insult-generating perl-script

isene0 is a theme for pekwm

Autumn is a theme for Openbox/Blackbox/Fluxbox.

And: BEEP (HP-41) BEEP in .wav 🙂