Church of Scientology and their Internet war

It’s been a busy afternoon here as my first video from my interview with J. Swift at Karen’s hit the Net. It was first featured at Tony Ortega’s blog. Then it got Slashdotted. Here’s the video:

FYI: The OSA meeting in LA where they first used me as a strategic advisor on Internet matters happened in late Autumn 2001. There will be more on my work for OSA in videos to come, including my proposal on how they should have handled the Wikipedia bar in 2009.

21 thoughts on “Church of Scientology and their Internet war

  1. Damn, I wish they would have brought you in in 2010 after we met in Denmark! That would have been something to see.

  2. CSI should look at how they are contributing to the situation on Internet. This is following Hubbard’s policy.


  3. Such good info. Happy to see you on Tony Ortega’s Bunker too. Yea! 🙂

  4. A crazy peak of unique visitors after the Slashdot frontpage.

    Now, the reason why I never told that particular story before was that I didn’t think it all that newsworthy. It was just another thing that happened. But J Swift got excited about it and asked me questions along that line, the video was shot and it seemed lots of people thought this was very special. Guess I have to reevaluate what might be important.

    1. Your story was a good one but I think your original instincts that it was not so important was correct. INCOMM is not well known nor much ever talked about, and this makes it a fresh subject as opposed to the same old well chewed ruminant — thus the spike in ratings. Incomm is late on the chain of brilliant genius LRH inventions. It is kind of a toss up whether LRH or Al Gore invented the internet. Incomm seems to be legendary only in its own mind.

  5. Geir, c’mon, the church never spoke with Google’s Sergey Brin and you know that, why would you say otherwise? Additionally, like it was unusual for any religion to be concerned with their Google search results? Google’d “mormon” lately? In fact, the Jewish religion via the ADL did actually talk to Sergey about their search results in 2004

    1. hehe nice try. But still; Welcome 🙂

      And you know the “never spoke with Google’s Sergey Brin”?

      I was told that directly in a meeting with Gloria Idda with Veronique Bromberg present. Of course, Gloria may have lied in front of her senior (the then D/CO OSA Int), but I doubt that. Did Gloria tell you otherwise?

      1. I was at Flag on VII when they told us they ‘worked’ out a deal with google…. they would not say anything more to ‘us’ public.

          1. It might of been for advertising discounts I believe It was in 2009 (could of been 2008) I don’t know anything more. Just that the one poster was denying it and I know we were informed that the church was working with google.


            Christine Barclay

        1. Christine: I was at Flag on VII when they told us they ‘worked’ out a deal with google…. they would not say anything more to ‘us’ public.

          Chris: Well then they must have! LOL Hi Christine!

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