A successful day

You either learn something new or complete something old. That is the hallmark of a successful day.


An amazing person that stands out as one of the most energetic, creative and bold people I’ve ever met. David Melchior is an IT manager at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. He was the original inspiration for the article “Processes, Automation and Human Potential“. The above quote was but one of the gems that popped up during our meeting today. But that alone made it a successful day, as I learned something new.

24 thoughts on “A successful day

  1. HaHa….witty quote! When the kid goes home from school, the mother or the father
    usually asks: what did you learn about in school today? And when in another situation, people ask: what happened? And they talk about it which is one way of
    learning about another, about life.
    Geir, what did you learn today? Also, did you complete your book?
    By the way, his T-shirt is absolutely wonderful, has a cool impact!

      1. Thanks! Look forward to reading it! It is not yet the end of the day Geir but if you want to share something new you have learnt today, me and sure others as well would be listening. Or something in the process of learning it…..

  2. To learn something new. I put here one of my favourite movies. ‘Lightening can strike’…not necessarily only in finding love (the whole movie goes much deeper than that into several aspects of life). Lightening can strike in all other areas of our lives, as in finding a job, doing business right…when one is there in the moment, truthfully, humbly and listening, anything can happen. I could put here lots of stories which others told me from co-inventing a new product to getting shelter for the night in a weather emergency situation, as well as which happened to me. I am inviting here you, who are reading it, to write here one of yours if you want to share it. Or some tips, links.

  3. HaHa…it has just struck me….’lightening’…and this friend of yours is from the Meteorological Institute…and if we add up your two articles, what a thread!
    Your articles are also perfect examples for what you say ‘getting the ball and passing the ball’. Cool!

  4. Great quote, a great lesson! A very simple way to acknowledge one’s success. A lesson I will use and also teach others. Looking forward to meet David. BTW Today I completed lots of old stuff that was on my table. What a relief. A successful day indeed. 😀

    1. Congratulations on your successful day.
      Too often I was focused on the things that didn’t happen or failed. Eventually I came to realize that success is a state of mind and decided that I would “do” something for myself every day. After a while it crystalized into – learn something new or complete something old. The negative fades into darkness as the lighthouse (!) come into attention.
      Looking forward to meeting you too, hopefully in not too distant a future.

      1. Hi David,
        Thanks for this powerful quote! I started the day in the market and picked up and
        learnt about a spice new to me. The guy selling it told me to go on the net and
        find the ways it can be used in cooking. As for the ‘lighthouse !’ yes…………..
        In return for your inspiration, I am sending you something….don’t have a particular reason why this, perhaps you will travel to places like these.

  5. I liked the article and can apply it to my own personal use. My favorites are:

    “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”

    I have been studying and learning a brand new latest model computer, also active on a new program which has many navigation points to learn. This will help me in changing or making my life better. 🙂

  6. I met David yesterday, and even he speaks too fast for me, this idea was only one of the many ideas he verted during the conversation. Congratulations!
    David MT fomr Mexico.

  7. Maria
    I rarely comment twice to one comment. The ‘backfire’ article in it is incredible. It is worth reading it slowly, using it for comparing it with data and past experiences. The
    whole article is fascinating! Thank you again!

    1. Yes, I know what you mean about it. I have been re-evaluating so much in my life since I read it, and I agree, a pivotal article in the series is the backfire article. Extraordinary, counter-intuitive and as I look back even on my own behavior, quite true – it is something I have been grappling with for so long!

      BTW shambalah is where I end up very often as a destination and marker along the way — in a way I was not surprised to see you post a reference to it on this thread.

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