Book: 1984

1984Today the book, “Nittenåttifire” (ISBN 9788282820592) became available for sale:

Link to the publisher

The main media coverage:

The main book release event will be held on Wednesday 18:00 the 18th (UTC+2, daylight savings) at Litteraturhuset in Oslo, Norway.

45 thoughts on “Book: 1984

  1. Geir, I have an idea. Every book release implies at least 2 speeches: the publisher’s and yours. As long as you’ll provide us a live stream of the event, is it possible to finish your speech with 2 or 3 minutes in English? Let’s say…for international viewers. What do you think? It was just an idea.

        1. However – when I was there, I completely forgot about saying anything in English 😦 A wonderful idea went down the drain 😦

  2. Jeg har spurt etter den flere ganger hos min lokale bokforhandler. Sist gang sa de; “det har vært en del etterspørsel etter den” 🙂
    Jeg skal innom i morgen for å se om de har fått den. Gleder meg til å lese 🙂

  3. When do we get a translation in English?

    I’m back into Orwel’s 1984, it sees that Miscavige took out the references to it from the PDC lectures. I heard the old tape and the new one.
    Good luck with your book


    1. It should come out in English. As soon as my publisher can secure a deal with the right US publisher. I will write a blog post on this in a few days.

  4. I would be great if you would publish an English transcript of the TV interview you have given. 🙂

    1. The link provided in the OP is my publisher’s streaming channel. They will start the streaming today at 18:00 CET, a little less than 6 hours from now (check the time stamp of this reply)

  5. I wonder if OSA is sending one of their minions to spy tonight or if they are too afraid of getting exposed to OT secrets? Or perhaps they hire some non-Scientologist to report for them? Scientologists are apparently prone to experience mental break downs in front of OT stuff where non-Scientologists are not. Very strange phenomena considering all the spiritual therapy conditioning they have received.

  6. I cannot see nothing!!!!! It’s 7.28 PM my time, I’m in front of computer and the link has the same message: “Sorry, we cannot play this video due to content restrictions”… What is it???????????

  7. I’ve lost an entire day to see Geir’s event and the webmaster released the free stream at 6.35, Norwegian time. That means I’ve lost 35 minutes, isn’t it? What can I say? I’m speechless…At least I can see it live. You speak wonderful, Geir. I understand almost everything in Norsk but I don’t know who is the gentleman you’re speaking with.

  8. “Off Air”…this is what I can see now…After 10 minutes of live broadcasting, the stream went down….

  9. Again, the stream is live…now I use Opera browser…Geir, nice white jacket! 🙂

  10. “Bussines concurent”…in what? This phrase I don’t understand very well…it’s about psychiatry and psychology…Anyway…doesn’t matter…For me it’s fantastic to hear Oslo language, it’s very easy compared with Valdres dialekt 🙂

  11. You have to apply for a tv job, Geir, to have your own show. Your face, your gestures, everything can inspire both comic and drama 🙂 Never saw you like this before! :))

  12. Oh my God!!!! This blond woman is 100% Russian or Ukrainian!!!! I can recognize her accent even in Sahara desert….

  13. Anette, I think I recognized you! Blond hair with something black, a black klippe, isn’t it? I cannot see any face in the public.

  14. Finish!!! It was wonderful, Geir, congratulations! 🙂 The live stream stopped after the blond lady gave you flowers (and a kiss!). Sorry for being so excited, by I’ve spent a wonderful time watching it. All the best and if possible, put everything on YouTube. PS. You didn’t speak nothing in English, as I could see…

    1. Thanks for being so excites, Dragos. Your spirit is well received 🙂 But I forgot all about the English. Sorry 😦

      Will see if I can get something on YouTube.

      1. Come on…it’s not a tragedy 🙂 It was just an idea. The most important thing is that the entire event, as a whole, was a success!

        1. yup 🙂

          The biggest gathering on the subject of Scientology ever in Norway. The Church can’t get 100 people even when they threaten their parisoners. We made history today.

          1. That’s true. It’s important the message, not necessarily the details. In fact, your book is a protest, not a novel.

  15. Well, running through this thread about 10 days late was still exciting thanks to dragos72. Glad it went well and a You Tube would be excellent. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! My small advantage is that I understand Norwegian, but you’re right, a YouTube clip will be welcomed. It was a very cozy atmosphere.

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