My computer setup

Here’s a HyperList of my current computer setup – for reference in case someone is looking for inspiration:

PC = Samsung NP900X4C

OS = Ubuntu Linux (16.04) (

Shell = zsh (

Terminal = urxvt (

Text editor = VIM (

Document production = LaTeX (

Programming Languages

Mail User Agent = mutt (

  • Mail filtering = mail_fetch (from GMail accounts)

SMTP client = msmtp (

Instant communication = Weechat (

HP-41 link = pc41 (

Newsreader (RSS) = Newsbeuter (

Window Manager = i3 (

Information display = Conky (

Browser = Qutebrowser (

Office suite = LibreOffice (

Presentation viewer = Impressive (



One thought on “My computer setup

  1. doesn’t it feel good to just let it flow like lightning with all these tools? lol

    i use a similar stack of stuff except python and atom editor, have questions:

    how do you manage the following, and are sharing those?

    for your projects
    -folder/file structure
    -naming conventions
    -folder structure
    -notes, what file format do you take notes int, and do you have any note taking syntax you grep tricks for notes, or are you doing that with a web app or some app?

    are you into serialized data or db’s?

    are you using version control?

    are you using static tools like lint, beautify, minify? I just started using those and they help me bigtime

    what are you building?!?

    I need to learn to use grunt, more package managers and other build tools because i suspect my current methods in the end will seem a mess that i’ll pay for later…

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