Geir’s Geekery

I have started the process of migrating from WordPress to Jekyll. And boy am I excited 😀

Since Jekyll is a web site platform written in Ruby with lots of possibilities and extensions, I am right at home. No more writing posts in web forms or clicking around in admin panels – like with WordPress. With Jekyll, pages, posts and other content are simple text files on my laptop. I drop images in directories, fire up a script and my website gets updated with a swish!

First out is the geekier part of me. I have moved over to Jekyll and will move also my blogging over there with and pointing to the same site (maybe to different parts of the site… we’ll see).

Walk right over to and leave a comment or five on the Welcome post. Tell me what you think about my new home. Any home improvement tips?

Help to lighten up :-)

Anette showed me the range of smilies (emoticons) that can be used in comments and posts on WordPress (and Facebook). And I realized that these could serve well to lighten up some of the more serious discussions on my blog. While many discussions are light and fun and really chill here, some can get a bit heated. Especially when I post about Scientology. So, here are the range of faces that you can use to sprinkle and dress up your comments here. Enjoy 🙄