The Church of Scientology lies. But why?

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38 thoughts on “The Church of Scientology lies. But why?

  1. Can’t be arsed with the COS right now, but I like your TRing. It looks very natural :mrgreen:

  2. Good video Geir, clear and concise. The Scientology religion is a morass of contradictory lies. To understand the religion and why it cannot restrain itself from compulsively lying, we have to examine the character of its founder, L Ron Hubbard and who and what had influenced him.

  3. Very interesting. But I have a question and it’s serious: What if they will sue you in court for calumny? They have plenty of money for good lawyers, they are able to track anyone anywhere in the world, they now you and where you are and most of all, you were one of them. Didn’t you ever considered a trial with them? It’s not about physical fear, it’s just about loosing a big amount of money.

    1. Hah! You’ll find better odds betting that Geir will fall pregnant or you’ll find teeth in a hen’s beak than that CoS will sue Geir in a court of law.

      CoS has not sued anyone except Debbie Cook since Time way back when. Oh, they shout and scream and froth at the mouth and generally act like deranged idiots, but when push comes to shove COS WILL NOT WALK THE WALK. They dare not have Geir in open court.

      1. I would LOVE to be on the stand in a court case about Scientology. Apart from all the OT levels up and including 8 becoming a matter of court and public record, I would have an excellent chance at exposing a large chunk of their lies.

        1. LOL. I’m having fun picturing the whole scene.
          Nothing more refreshing than a freethinker with insouciance.

        2. I would pay HUGE money to see that! Awesome video Geir, keep up the good work.

  4. Sorry..the keyboard…please read “they KNOW you”, not “they NOW you”…

    1. dragos72 : “What if they will sue you in court for calumny?”

      me: They couldn’t be THAT stupid. It would lead to show their lies even more and would give great headlines worldwide. And they didn’t sue Marty R. and Mike R. – they tried to buy them off; but they were not for sale (and thus also the increased harassment “making his live a living hell”).

  5. According to L. Ron Hubbard, one of his mentors was Aleister Crowley. A cursory look at Crowley’s life and work draws several parallels to the life and work of L. Ron Hubbard. Crowley’s professed “Do As Thou Wilt, shall be the whole of the Law” seems to echo in the life and work of Hubbard.

  6. Crowley began his own religion (50 minute video on Crowley). Gathering followers and practicing mind control and brainwashing to gain complete control of these followers seems to be a model for Hubbard to follow in starting his own religion. Like Crowley, Hubbard’s life ended similarly alone and friendless.

    Because of Hubbard’s character, he created a religion which is a pure ideology, bereft of scientific scrutiny. It does not contain within its form and structure any permission for critical thinking, free-thinking, and therefore no promulgation of truth.

  7. This short audio clip in Hubbard’s voice (click here) acknowledges and promotes Aleister Crowley as a “very good friend” of Hubbard. Hubbard promotes reading Crowley’s work THE MASTER THERION and signed by Crowley as “The Beast” using the mark “666” from the book of Revelations from the Christian Bible.

    In short, Hubbard was able to be a compulsive liar because he had no conscience. Why did Hubbard have no conscience? Was it congenital or was he trained into it? Both? I don’t know. His dysfunctional upbringing, life on the road, insatiable lust for money and power are all present. His own descriptions of himself as the hero of his final science fiction work MISSION EARTH tend to show that as an uneducated and uncredentialed man he felt he had to lie in order to create credibility.

    1. Chris T: “His own descriptions of himself as the hero of his final science fiction work MISSION EARTH”

      Me: DId we read the same books? I wouldn’t have described Soltan Gris as the HERO of Mission Earth…..

      1. Chris T: “His own descriptions of himself as the hero of his final science fiction work MISSION EARTH”

        I agree with Splog: I wouldn’t have described Soltan Gris as the HERO of Mission Earth! No, the hero is definitely Jettero Heller, savior of the Earth!

        1. haha no Splog was joking me . . . he’s baggin on Hubbard and calling him Soltan Gris for reals, but we both know Gris was the anti-hero and Jet Heller was the hero. Soltan Gris was metaphor for the bank of every man . . . hahaha (just my literary imagination, I might be wrong)

      2. hahaha yeah. . . Not Soltan Gris but Jettero Heller. Admittedly my imagination while reading the books and especially while reading these fun stories as a true believer, but I always felt that these action heros were thinly disguised alter egos of Hubbard. Again in Battlefield Earth, Jonny Goodboy Tyler was again a metaphor for L Ron Hubbard, Savior of Earth.

        But my point being that Jettero Heller needs to obtain a college degree to be credentialized so that people will “listen to him.” So he sends (I forget now which of his ragtag bunch) to attend college in his place as he is busy and has no time to do it. For me, this is a metaphor for Hubbard’s lack of but desire for credentialization (is that a word?). You get what I mean. Scientology was handing out PhDs and calling himself “doctor” and all… Then when the heat turned up on that scam, he loudly announced that he would no longer accept or allow anyone to call him by these titles as they (the titles) were in disrepute. So in these sci fi stories, Hubbard purposely or subconsciously explains his crimes so that people can understand why he did it.

        1. Chris: “hahaha yeah. . . Not Soltan Gris but Jettero Heller.”

          You gotta admit though, Hubbard aspired to be Heller but only managed to be Gris 🙂

          On the serious side, that’s an interesting idea you have there; it never occured to me that Heller would be Hubbard’s metaphor for himself. I reckoned that Heller was your typical too-damn-perfect-to-be-true one-dimensional hero and Gris was the bad guy, the interesting character. Much like the roadrunner cartoons – no-one ever roots for the bird but everyone loves stupid Wily E. Coyote 🙂

          One reason I might not have given the characters much thought is that as a work of fiction, Mission Earth is really quite pathetic. Predictable characters, obvious plot, all of vols 3 through 8 were the dreariest SF crap I’ve ever managed to wade through (I only persisted as I was a died in the wool Scn at the time…)

    2. In other sources, I have found online Aleister Crowley does not acknowledge any friendship with Hubbard – particularly in exchanges with his protege, Parsons, who barely knew Hubbard himself. So, “my very good friend” is likely the lie!

      The book of Revelations in the Bible is not a story or an account of any actual events. It is a full-blown VISION — a nightmare, a dream, that John had and believed was a prophecy. It is just like if you woke up from a vivid dream Chris, and recounted what happened and then aligned it with your belief system. This is where all this 666 stuff comes from.

      It is LRH’s own ignorance that causes him to misunderstand what Crowley wrote. You can read the Message of the Master Therion here – it is a very short treatise:

      Since LRH knew very little about all this, and clearly had a very poor understanding of it, he also was completely unaware that in numberology, the number 666 does not mean “the beast” or the “the devil.”

      Here is what is does mean, in brief, and taken in the context of angelology:
      “The repeating number 666 prompts you to focus upon your inner spirituality and Divine life purpose and soul mission, rather than on earthly, material concerns. Give any fears of loss or lack to the angels to heal and transmute, and be open to receiving and accepting help and assistance from your angels and other people in your life. All you need to do is ask.”

      If you read the Message of the Master, you will immediately understand why it ends with 666.

      1. Great catch Maria. Hubbard only name dropping and lying some more.

        I must pray for interpretation. I’m reading 666 represents or represented by 9 degrees = 2 degrees . . . It looks like a trigonometric relationship but I don’t immediately get it.

      2. Maria: The repeating number 666 prompts you to focus upon your inner spirituality and Divine life purpose and soul mission, rather than on earthly, material concerns.

        Chris: But this I do get from my meditation on fractals… The repeating numbers called irrational have for me come to represent the true nature of the iteration of this universe.

    1. Yup. Contradictions make for an interesting subject for the prying eyes of journalists. That is as it should be.

    2. I know, sometimes when at a loss to explain him, I think Hubbard was channeling something good while being something bad. Maybe that is quite the oversimplification. Maybe Hubbard’s “OT case” was in full restimulation for decades – this would be my take on applying David St. Lawrence’s work to Hubbard’s peculiar behavior.

      1. His OT case was in restim very early on. You can see it in the Affirmations he wrote in the early ’40s.

        I think it was the intense restimulation he endured that let him see similar charge in others and how to direct their attention to it. That doesn’t mean he never had happy moments. Of course he did. It means, though, that he could get heavily restimulated and dramatize like crazy about things he perceived as attacking him. And, sure, there were things he couldn’t handle on his own and wouldn’t let anyone else handle, either. Otto Roos made that pretty clear. That was his biggest fault. I think if he could’ve contained his ego, gotten over a ser fac, or many, and allowed his case to be handled, we might really have been hailing him today as a messiah instead of denigrating him as a madman..

        It really comes down to that old expression: he was his own worst enemy.

        1. 2X: “It really comes down to that old expression: he was his own worst enemy.”

          Chris: Yes, he seemed to be that for sure, even when including the Marcabs, KGB and CIA. Then he worked very hard at being a slew of others worst enemy as well.

  8. Lies are the glue which keeps the current Church of Scientology from falling apart. So there is no alternative.

    1. “Lies are the glue which keeps the current Church of Scientology from falling apart. So there is no alternative.”
      Wright mentioned reform but I don’t think it’s possible at this point. Maybe when they are nearly extinct, someone(s) will take over and makes some drastic changes.

  9. Lawrence Wright had concluded that the CoS will inevitably go down the drain if it does not make up its mind for radical changes. He mentioned reforms.
    “Are reforms possible?” would be an interesting subject for discussion.

  10. To answer your question:

    The Church of Scientology lies. But Why?

    Because there are no “clears” or “OT’s”

  11. Because it thinks it is saving the planet from eternal damnation. And Ron created TR-L (lie)

    It lies because it is acting on the greatest good for the greatest number.

    It lies because it has too. The truth of Scientology and how it is managed is much to dark and evil for it to be upfront.

    And the main thing is: it obviously doesn’t think there is anything wrong with lying.

    Lying is Scientology’s PR strategy. And it will be it’s final demise.

  12. Also it has to lie because the absolute claims and gains promoted are not true. Selling pie in the sky is good for business. But pie don’t stick up in the sky. It comes crashing down. So it deals with it’s cognitive disconnect by lying.

    In Scientology, through some of it’s mental therapïes, the line between truth and lie, reality and being delusional become almost non existent.

    Lying becomes good, destroying others becomes good, being able to dominate and control people is OT, destroying families is a creating a sane world stratagy.

    It lies because it is humbled by no higher benevolent reality. No universally accepted spiritual principles other than itself.

    It’s laws and dogma come from the mind of a meglomaniacal world saver who considered himself the only law. He bowed to nothing other than his own narcissistic ego.
    And taught his followers there is no higher law other than self and it’s desire for power.

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