Video: Do the OT levels make you super-human?

Another video of me from the interview I did at Karen’s. Let me know what you think 🙂

54 thoughts on “Video: Do the OT levels make you super-human?

  1. Geir,

    You briefly mentioned about your case, shy and would hyperventilate if you were asked to read in front of the class. My case is very similar, probably worse. I would hyperventilate when I was with people. Bad enough with boys and catatonic with girls.

    Regarding, does OT give you super human powers?

    Based on my evaluation of a lot of other paths and spiritual tools, including the bible and a lot more, I would say that if Jesus was here today and knew about scn or did scn, he would say: No one goes OT or gets super human powers except through me.

    In the bible it says, Jesus said that: No one entereth into the kingdom of heaven except through me.


  2. Excellent video Geir! Thanks!

    You hit all the key points (for me) and some I had somehow forgotten about – like that bit about people of worshipping OTs and wanting to sit beside them, touch them, etc. Boy did I dislike that – it was so creepy.

  3. Interesting and very well explained. Also about the boasting status vs the spiritual achievements. And J. Swift is also good in asking the questions. (With “I would do it all again…” you probably will get some unbelieving head-shaking).

    “Do the OT levels make you super-human?” Not my intention to derail, but I can’t hold myself back here. I think this is just too hilarious.
    DM: “Claudio, do you know SUPERMAN???? That’s it, that is what we’ll become!!!!“.

    1. Sorry ka, but to me it makes perfect sense to ask the question: “Do the OT levels make you super-human?”
      Because this is the picture the Church communicates indirectly all the time.
      So what is reality, people outside want to know from somebody who has gone up to OT 8?

      When you hear OTs presenting their incredible success stories at the weekly graduations, when you read the Churches’ brochures you get the impression you are really gaining supernatural powers while going up the bridge.

      And this motivates you to continue, to pay for more Auditing. You become ready to invest more time and money into your journey, deeper into Scientology.

      I do recall the effect it had on me, being at Flag for a couple of months back in 1994 and 1995 (then still without Internet connection to the world). I was in a Scientology bubble for months and almost all my thoughts, my attention was focussed on subjects dealing with Scientology. That does create an effect.

      An absolute perfect environment for Scientology advertising propaganda to take possession of you.
      And yes, I started dreaming of returning home, equipped with some incredible powers. e.g. I dreamed of being able to go exterior. This idea was indeed something that fascinated me about Scientology for years, being a gate to experiences with life I could not be introduced to that easily as through going up the bridge in Scientology.

      When I came back to Germany after having completed NED and the three L’s I did come back with a superman feeling. (… having done the 3 L’s every Scientologist considers you to be a little superman, so you believe it yourself. At least I did).
      And exactly that became my problem because I behaved as if I was inviolable. I trusted people whom I should not have trusted. I invested money in businesses much too lightheadedly.

      I never experienced to go exterior.
      And I found it interesting to read that Geir did not, either (if I recall it properly).

      But Geir experienced other ‘super powers’.
      I think that the point is not what you achieve absolutely but relatively in respect to where you came from.
      There a many people who are not shy, they flirt with girls very early and can entertain a group of people easily – without having used any tools from Scientology of other. (a born little ‘superman’ in communication).
      But if you happen to start as a very shy boy – then indeed it takes super powers to make you develop into a very communicative person, not shy anymore.
      And yes, obviously Scientology provides such super power tools.

      1. Note: I did go exterior with full perceptions a few times back in 1984/1985. But that was before I really started on the Bridge. Go figure.

      2. Me sorry too, Daniel. But the “hilarious” is mainly revered to Claudio’s superbly written satirical description (yeah, and I have to admit also a bit to “Superman” – look at the picture). And the “punchline”: “The Transcribers”! That is the best. And this guy is serious about it (or full of s**t and selling it). It was not meant at all to make fun of the people who got betrayed, tricked, robbed, deceived and hurt. I suggest you read it (Claudio’s letter to “Dave”) again and try to read the satire out of it and not an invalidation or something. We all were told about the “Homo Novis” etc. Maybe there evolved even something like the “Homo Scientologensis” or a hybrid thereof 😉 .

        1. ka, I did not feel invalidated.
          However, from my point of view it is a quite interesting subject: How the Church makes people enthusiastic about Scientology. One part is surely creating the dream that one gets ‘super powers’.
          One interesting subject is also: What do your own ‘success stories’ do with you? And what do they with others.
          After having finished an auditing section you are expected to write a success story. You know that if you don’t you’ll waste time and money. Therefore you have a natural interest to be extremely happy with your cognitions and wins.
          (At least this is what happened to me).
          So small wins become larger.
          And if you are expected to talk about your wins at the graduation in front of a large audience you’ll probably blow everything up even more.
          NOW, sitting in the audience, hearing all those fabulous stories …

    2. One more thing…

      When being at Flag for the first time an OT 8 was something like a little God for me. (Scientology propaganda had created its effect on me.)
      Until I met one who behaved like a real asshole.
      That was it.

      Being an OT 8 is one thing, being so highly trained that you are qualified to audit up to OT 8 and also the L’s, is another.
      Only recently I was in comm with such an auditor. And I was absolutely shocked to see how he behaved.

      How much time does it take to climb up to OT 8… And how much time does it take to become such a highly qualified auditor…
      Is it worth taking all this effort when you end up as a person who dramatizes, freaks out just like anybody else, who cannot be reached with rational communication?
      I did not expect to meet a person with super powers but at least a person who would easily apply the basic rules of communication.

      I am aware that for real Scientologists – who believe that auditors are the most valuable people on the planet – I am just touching one of their taboos. Sorry, but I am not a friend of any taboos which limit free thinking and exchange of thought.

      1. I bellieve that Scn plays to the egos of people who are already inclined in that direction. As they progress, they become bigger assholes because they are doing Scn for the purpose of being “better” than others. The statuses can SHOW superiority. Scn, and especially the current scene, is just perfect for them. There are others who are perfectly wonderful and humble people who are truly trying to help[. I believe they are pretty pure of heart.

      2. Susie – I agree that assholes with giant egos started off that way. Unfortunately they get all the attention because they are assholes and have giant egos. To tell you the truth, what I mostly saw coming into the Mission in the 70s were people coming from abusive backgrounds, people who didn’t fit in socially and activist types. The ego types gravitated to the Sea Org and the others left in hurry or quietly faded out of sight.

  4. Another good post. Ka, I enjoyed being derailed. The work in progress evolves…

    1. Yes, but would like some clarification on doing it all over again.
      Would you Isene, be willing to go back to the current organization if allowed and under same rule and do it there?

      1. It’s always a tricky question – because it wouldn’t be possible to know what I know now back in 1984 and decide afresh. It is simply my way of saying I regret nothing major on that Scientology journey of mine.

        1. 1. Hind sight is always 20-20 vision.

          2. Good judgement comes from experience.
          Experience comes from bad judgement.

          3. Any experience is a good experience if you live to tell about it.

          4. You learn more from failures than you do from successes.

          5. This world will screw you, punish you, lie to you, steal from you, make you suffer until you smarten up and do things right.

          6. The truth is nothing more than the most right answer to any problem.

          Seek the truth in all things and the truth will solve all your problems.

          7. People fail in any endeavor for only one reason and that is for the lack of the right knowledge to solve the problem at hand.

          Find the right knowledge and you will solve any problem.

          8. The biggest room in the world is room for improvement.

          9. The wages of not knowing and following the 8D rules for success in this universe is pain, sorrow, sickness, disease, failure, despair, mental illness and death.

          10. Jesus said, come onto to me and do things my way and you will have ever lasting life.
          My burden is light and my yoke is easy.

          My Father knows that you need all these things.

          Come on to me and all these things shall be given unto you.


        2. I may have not said it right or misunderstood. “I would do it all over again” . Since we can’t repeat the same in same time, would you now be willing to start over for the new experience with what you know? I don’t believe you would so ignore my silly question. I was looking from another person’s view of the statement, who could think you saw nothing wrong with going back there and doing it again. Dig? 🙂

            1. ‘I am done with….organized self-betterment’. Why only organized? WHAT makes you think that YOU are not good as you are? That is you need any betterment at all?

              Beware: any thought that comes up is just a consideration, not you. A little space and it is gone.


            2. MT: ‘I am done with….organized self-betterment’

              Dee: I really admire that Isene simply clarified that question of “do it again” It was quite clear to me in his answer, very understandable and left no question for me. The key is ‘organized’ which is again, understandable to his exact meaning. May as well leave the planet if one knows everything, therefore keep on learning, eh? 🙂

            3. I have studied people, religion and churches for 40 yrs. And I do see the need for the more bonafide organized religions. There is a wrong way and a right way to do everything. When done right organized religions tend to raise the best families and the highest quality people overall. It gives structure and stable operating data to people. It gives a natural or social type of CCHs and objectives. The damage that the lack of that kind of activity is what scn tries to fix.

            4. Chris: Just have to write “nuts” to this.

              I wish you would’ve wrote more, than I could say “nuts”. OK, Right/wrong, black/white, oh nuts to this.

            5. Beware 2: You wrote in the Amazing series in the YOU ‘it’s easy to forget, GET the idea…to AGREE that perhaps YOU are not that good?’
              Isn’t the language beautiful? GET and AGREE to an idea, consideration….and of course the YOU is the Source….a little bit of forgetting it and….therapy, self-betterment….isn’t it time to remember?

            6. Dee
              So, right Dee! Learning and experimenting for the sake of an adventure! I was just playing a little bit…still learning how to play! In good company!

        3. IMO, this depends on the difference and differentiation between religion and true spirituality, in the sense that organized religion is always an obstacle for the spirit.

  5. ‘Surprising was the final’ HaHa…I wonder who will ever give a REAL clue to this mystery called ‘Geir’ or to ANY of us…or to Life….

  6. Nice clear communication of ideas Geir.

    The OT powers as marketed by Ron are delusional as far as Scientology is concerned.

    I think people paid for hope and status, and release of intermittent sufferings.

    Some people paid for superior ego privileges. ‘OT’ and ‘expensive self induced delusions’ are easy words to make synonymous.

  7. Love it Geir…its such a pleasure reading and listening to your communication. Hope there’s plenty more to come…my best to u and your family…Tom

  8. I admire your honestly and telling it as you see it. Valuable video, tks

    I remember on one of my first visits to an Org. Looking at the chart and trying to see what I needed or wanted for me. Then of course was told no, you start here (at bottom). Since I had already studied some other stuff and was not young. I still let them control me at that point. I couldn’t speak up for myself. I did improve of course and through other studies, can now speak up very well.

      1. Thanks Chris. However I didn’t mention the butterflies I do get at times when I speak my mind. I may even speak to a group but still shake inside, but do it anyway, if important. Every time is better…..

  9. The video inspired me. As you say, there are effective tools that anyone can use (or not) to help them create whatever they choose. If Scientology had just offered these tools freely (not meaning no charge, but no strings) I bellieve we all would have gotten so much more from it. I, too, hate the status crap and the condescention that goes with it. By telling the truth, as you have done, Scientology is a lot more appealing.

  10. Nice video. But those telemarketing COS clips are so……………..watching them while in that COS was more than enough, really, even as a churchie I was finding them so emetic…

    1. I always knew the PR was fake. I just thought that (possibly) they did it out of bad taste, or that they (possibly)tried anything they could for a good cause, and that they (possibly) didn’t do it out of 1,1ness…

  11. ‘Exteriorization’, ‘the process of disidentification, release as being masculine’ ‘the inclusive feminine movement’……a lot more. By Adya in simple language.

    1. Nice Videos and good words. Thanks MT. Practice is primary in any methodology and not much result without.
      I wish you well with your practice.

  12. Thanks. I wish the same to you. One can put the pieces of the puzzle back to where they belong in many ways…me enjoys the creations of the piece makers all the time to get the full picture…like them:



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