My “hashtag” CV

I came up with this idea of using hashtags in my résumé or CV (Curriculum Vitae).


I also toyed with making the whole thing into a HyperList, but that would probably be taking it too far.

It would be interesting to get my readers take on this – both the use of hashtags, the layout and the content.

Get my hashtag CV here (pdf).

Update: Reworked the CV using LaTeX for better typesetting and to more easily work with it in VIM (bliss :-))

5 thoughts on “My “hashtag” CV

    1. Yes! The hashtag is an excellent idea. The layout is beautiful. For me it looks
      artistic and immaculate.
      As for the content: striking activity during these 28 years. Also, it looks that your post in life is an ED (director). Also, I would be interested to read one or two examples for ‘game changer’, without names, of course.

      Talking spiritually a bit, as the product (design, content) is not separate from the creator, what do they show about the creator?

  1. Just for fun: curriculum is related to ‘current’, which means belonging to the present time, being in progress, passing from one to another, circulating.
    Curriculum: a course or group of courses to study, any program or plan of activities.
    Vitae: life
    The content of your CV shows these definitions fully realized by you in your activities with others based on the feedbacks you got. Life in operation – beautiful!

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