Annoying spot turned into a nice reminder

I think I’ve always had it – this little spot in my vision – in my left, good eye – just below the center. But a couple of months ago it became a lot more visible. Actually, it became quite annoying.

I decided to visit a doctor to see if anything could be done about this all too visible spider-like black thingy.


One of the most experienced ophthalmologist in Norway checked out my eye with an impressive range of sci-fi equipment. He looked me in the eye and said it wasn’t anything serious, just an annoying spot. If I were to fix it, it would involve complicated surgery that would most probably grow cataracts in that eye. “So, I don’t do the operation?”, I replied. “Right, you don’t. You learn to disregard the spot. Because you don’t see with your eyes. You see with your mind.”

Wow. How cool is that from an eye doctor?

And so I decided to learn to like this spot. It is a great reminder that there are still stuff in life I need to let go of πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Annoying spot turned into a nice reminder

  1. I favpr biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s explanation for how we see things. He too says we see with our mind – and that our mind isn’t the brain. Rather, the mind consists of fields that stretch out beyond the brain and the body. Seeing is accomplished a reaching out to the objects of sight by means of these underlying fields. Sheldrake cites experiments which show that people often know when someone is staring at them, even though the person staring is behind them and can’t be seen. Telepathy in general is nicely explained too.

  2. !…if mind is an illusion then what you see/hear/smell/taste/feel is an illusion too….?

    1. Who/what would this “you” happen to be then ? Where is this “illusion” to be found/located, btw? — It’d be nice to see your views on these. πŸ™‚

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