“I am struggling in my job. I don’t know if I should quit my job or continue. And if I continue, whether I should focus on this or that or the other thing. Is this type of work even for me? I feel exhausted. Not much positive feedback, and I don’t really know if what I’m doing is valuable for the company, for any customers or for other employees. I feel kinda lost. What should I do?”

He looked at me across the table. Across his cup of coffee, and mine. I started out slowly:

“You know, there’s stacks of books written about this, countless methodologies and coaching practices addressing these kinds of issues.”

He looked eagerly at me, waiting for some book or methodology that would match his complex problem. Some kind of intricate way of resolving his issues. But then I went on:

“But really, it boils down to just one simple concept. Just one.”

He looked sorta disappointed. Like I was about to invalidate his complex problem or insult his intelligence.

“You only need to impress.”


“Yes, impress your customer, your boss, your colleague, your wife, your kids, yourself. But impress by delivering something of value. Impress your customers in every meeting. Impress your colleagues every workday. Impress your kids by really playing with them when they bring out the Lego. Impress your wife in bed. Impress by delivering. Unconditionally and as much as you can. If you do this, you’ll be doing good. And this is all you need to do.”


8 thoughts on “Impress!

  1. Very well said. It is a topic very close to my heart Geir. Impress borders to admiration for me.To be able to admire, to be admired, to produce admirable products and to admire others admirable products are a very high level of existence.

    It is quite a worthy and meaningful game to play.

  2. Excellent article!!! When I read it I had this ideas: Have the attitude that everything is possible and you can always learn from any experience. And it is also truth in the field of impression. Remember that you just only need to impress. Impress people unconditionally as much as you can. Take the feedback how much you had impressed them and then improve and optimize your actions in order to impress them even more. Continue this cycle…

  3. Good stuff Geir! ermmm — Create THE effect — to top ALL effects ? 🙂

  4. Hmm. In Australia this is a dangerous tactic. To seem impressive is to invite tall poppy syndrome. Artful impressions are required here.

    1. I didn’t say act impressive. I said impress by delivering value. And value is determined by the receiver. And so you can never go wrong with this advice.

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